Experts in Physical Therapy
and Addiction Treatment

We Are the Perfect Fit for Your Program

Experts in Physical Therapy and Addiction Treatment

We Are the Perfect Fit for Your Program

Our Purpose is Simple

Create a world in which recovery from addiction includes healing of the body. Return those living with addiction to fulfilled lives through purposeful movement.

Our founder is a longstanding member of the sober community. The PHYSrecovery proprietary program was crafted specifically to utilize the skills of physical therapists in helping clients achieve recovery from addiction.

Our Core Values
Are Constant

Our Core Values
Are Constant

We all WIN

Create and provide solutions where our patients win, our partners win, our community wins, and our company wins.

Embrace Change

Push the boundaries of our field further to bring healing to all those in need.

Make an Impact

Leave people better than you found them.

Think Sustainability

Make decisions that last longer than we will.

Keep it Real

Cultivate authentic healthcare practitioners and relationships.

Our Team Of
Niche Expertise

Dr. Dmitry Foox


Dr. Dmitry Foox PT, DPT is a human. Sometimes he feels life is just hard. Sometimes he is aware that life is just amazing. He has experienced PHYSical and emotional pain. He has also experienced pure joy and elation. Dmitry is a human. A PHYSical Therapist with NINE years of continuous sobriety.

Prior to receiving a Doctorate of PHYSical Therapy from Chapman University, Dmitry was simply focused on Recovery. Getting sober was not easy. He misspelled sobriety the first time he was asked to write it. “SOBER-ITY” looked reasonable at 15 days clean. He tried to leave rehab at 23 days because he thought he “got it”. He didn’t have “it”. He realized his only chance at life was to make sobriety the center of his world.

But why PHYSical Therapy? Dmitry is a nerd. He likes science, art, and all things n’ stuff. PHYSical therapy covers lots of things n’ stuff. In 2012, he realized that his lifestyle of addiction had PHYSical consequences and that recovery should be mind, BODY, and spirit. This set him down the path to becoming a specialist in PHYSical rehabilitation.

Everyday he counts his blessings. He counts better than he spels.

Dr. Noel Santayana


Simply put, Noel Santayana is part 1) entrepreneur 2) nerd (but more nerd than Dmitry) 3) monkey 4) and compassionate soul. The culmination of his being led him to pursue his Doctorate in PHYSical Therapy and to help Dr. Dmitry Foox bringing PHYSrecovery into fruition. He has a firm belief that purposeful movement is a key to thwarting the growing number of chronic conditions plaguing American society today. He also believes that PHYSical therapists will play a central role in helping people achieve purposeful movement in their everyday lives in a pain free manner regardless of their age.

When it comes to physicality, Noel is a jack of all trades; he loves to climb rocks, play tennis and ping pong, backpack, snowboard, and even lift weights in the gym! For Noel, Purposeful Movement means being able to hike for miles on end outdoors, finding a rock, putting on some climbing shoes and starting to climb… well past the 7th decade of his life.

Dr. Darren Wong


As a native Angeleno, Darren grew up as a huge Lakers fan and fell in love with basketball at an early age. It wasn’t until high school that Darren found his calling in athletics as a CIF swimmer and CIF Southern Section water polo champion. His love for all things water led him to endure the brutal cold of the Pacific Ocean in January and February to earn a coveted spot in the Huntington Beach State Lifeguard program where he rescued near drowning victims on a daily basis.

When Darren had to grow up and get a job he sought out adventure within the fields of international trade, stock trading, and insurance underwriting. While sitting under artificial lighting for 10+ hours per day, Darren still sought to maintain some semblance of health and attend a local gym where he went on to thoroughly injury himself. After not being able to put his socks on for about a week, Darren went to see a local physical therapist and was taught strategies on how to move again pain-free. He also developed a close relationship with his therapist, which he never thought was possible as other medical practitioners he had dealt with just rushed him out of their offices with a prescription. He then started to take night classes while working full-time to begin his journey towards a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

While working as a PT on the cardiac and ICU floors of a local Orange County hospital, Darren saw the effects of drugs and alcohol firsthand. He saw young adult patients that were unable to walk without the assistance of a walker and this was shocking to him. He began to research the growing epidemic of drug related hospitalizations and deaths in Orange County and was taken aback by the numbers of his fellow neighbors that were affected. He has committed himself to bringing physical recovery to those in treatment through PHYS.

Darren enjoys lifting weights (with proper form), spending time with his wife and 3 young children, and catching Pokemon.

Dr. BriAnna Foreman


When Bri was young she played every sport her parents let her sign up for. This led to a love of all things athletic as well as a lot of injuries on the way. When she was a kinesiology major in college she signed up for an internship as a physical therapy aide and fell in love with it. It took her fascination with the human body and athletics and tied it perfectly towards her dream of helping people.

Addiction is personal for Bri as close family members have dealt with both alcohol and drug addiction. She is an advocate for the community and has a heart to bring compassion and education into the art of healing. Along with PHYSrecovery, Bri teaches at Chapman University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, where she received her own Doctorate and now helps to mold future PTs into passionate, knowledgeable, and caring practitioners.

Although she doesn’t play sports as often as she’d like, she is still very active and can be found enjoying a long hike, cycling, running, and lifting in the gym. Other fun facts include a mad obsession with coffee. If you want to be best friends, bring her coffee.

Storm Yokouchi

Exercise Specialist

Storm was initially introduced to athleticism, weightlifting and running as a soccer player in high school. However, he then went years untrained and neglected his physicality. Once he entered sobriety, he became newly interested in this aspect of his life. He discovered a passion for fitness and feelings of fulfillment that he now hopes to connect other newly sober individuals with in order to aide in their own recovery. He knows that by sharing his own experience, he can help guide others to their own successes in both recovery and fitness.

I know what it’s like to experience life feeling unheard, unseen and neglected. I know what it’s like to be stuck repeating patterns and behaviors that harm both myself and those around me. The person I am today, I didn’t know existed inside of me. I just want to help others find that person within themselves.

When not working with PHYSrecovery Storm spends his time weightlifting, doing yoga and running. He also loves art and music. It’s not a contest, but he definitely loves those things way more than you do.

Kadisha Aburub

Exercise Specialist

Kadisha received her undergraduate degree at Long Beach State in Biology where she learned to appreciate the inner works of the human body. It was there where she also grew fascinated with the biomechanics of the human body. This ultimately led her to pursue Physical Therapy.

Alongside working at a physical therapy clinic, as an aide, she had a part time job working for a small substance abuse center, as a technician, where she found her passion for connection. Kadisha has also had close family members deal with drug abuse and is a proponent for the community.

Kadisha has always had a deep sense of appreciation for the mind, body, and spirit. Thus, plans on obtaining her yoga certification in the near future. Kadisha hopes to bring her education as well as empathy to the substance abuse community.

On her free time, you’ll most likely find Kadisha listening to “Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations”, climbing, and out in nature.

Alexis Dexter

Exercise Specialist

Alexis is just a regular lady with a strong drive and focus toward helping others. She is a certified personal trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Throughout life, she has found an interest in the human body and its ability to adapt and overcome mental and physical obstacles. She has gone through two hip surgeries by the time she was 17 and grew an abundant fascination with the process of recovery.

Her drive for helping others stems from a life of growing up with family struggling with addiction and mental illness. Taking back the control of the physical aspects in life can often help people with the mental ones that seem a little more challenging to manage. This is why she decided to join the team of PHYSrecovery.

Alexis is also an active duty military spouse, so you can also find her on base supporting her family and friends. When she is not working hard for PHYS, you can find her coaching, lifting, running, and doing homework for the degree she is pursuing in Behavioral Science.

Brady Carbajal

Exercise Specialist

Brady is a current senior at Long Beach State majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. He has always had an interest in movement and the human body as a whole. Throughout school, he also deepened his passion for wellness, nutrition and health through his involvement on campus and within his community.

Growing up Brady witnessed many of his family members struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. This experience made him want to learn more about the impact of physical therapy had on their mental and physical well-being.

He values lifelong learning and professional development. He enjoys integrating his research findings into the rehabilitation setting and continues to seek new knowledge in order to employ a multi-modal approach to better suit the individualistic needs of each person. He believes that physical therapy can be the catalyst to improve a person’s life through movement, science, and optimism.

Brady was born and raised in Orange County. Like a true California native, he enjoys playing soccer, exercising, getting together with his family, and cooking

Dr. Calvin Chow


At one point Calvin was injuring himself every month playing basketball. But the frustration turned into fascination at the idea of understanding how the body works as a whole. This, along with his desire for helping people led him to physical therapy.

He attended Cal Poly Pomona where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science. He then moved on to Chapman University where he obtained his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

Calvin had always imagined himself working with a population that was underserved and it wasn’t until he met Dmitry at school in which he became a huge proponent for recovery and addressing the physical aspect of addiction.

When he’s not at PHYSrecovery, you can find him playing basketball, rooting for the Lakers, rock climbing, snowboarding, hanging out at church, or backpacking with friends and family.

Jesus Moran

Insurance Verification Specialist

Jesus is a recent graduate who received a B.S. in Health Care Administration with a minor in Information Systems. He has interned in administration in both Hospital and Medical Office settings. Instead of jumping straight into the administration field he decided that having clinical experience would be extremely beneficial in the long run. He is currently back in school to finish his prerequisite courses for PT school. He had the chance to work alongside with the one and only Dmitry Foox as an intern at PT @ the Beach as he was completing his Orthopedics residency. His journey into the physical therapy career is just beginning, but he is enjoying everything thus far!

Addiction hits home for Jesus. His uncle was an alcoholic who went through cycles of relapse and never seemed to successfully recover. Unfortunately, due to his early passing he couldn’t fully experience his recovery. In his memory, Jesus tried his best to stay away from alcohol and other substances, but it wasn’t easy. His group of friends at the time suffered from addiction as well. He has seen first-hand how addiction impacts the lives of friends and their loved ones. I appreciate having the opportunity to help those who are willing to change their lifestyle.

I enjoy a good exercise and I try to keep a weekly routine to stay in shape. To balance my excessive food intake. Since I usually skip leg day, I enjoy playing soccer with friends to make up for it. I have 4 dogs, so I try my best every day to spend some time with them.